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About Us

"Cap'n Happy" Kramer is an avid outdoorsman, hiker, hunter, fisherman, martial artist, motorcycle enthusiast, artist, businessman, husband, father, and now grandfather. After graduating from Temple University as a film major, he opened and has been operating Ranger Surplus—an eclectic chain of Army Navy Surplus stores in both Maryland and Virginia.  Since 1979, there have been 9 locations, but since the pandemic, he has closed his brick and mortar locations for now. Kramer has also owned, operated, and guided a hunting lodge in southern Pennsylvania since 1993.  It is with this knowledge and background that Ranger Surplus' Universal Gobag was designed and produced.  Many years of thought have gone into just this bag.

Many people have been putting off the important task of preparing a useful gobag.  Cap'n Happy hopes to have solved that problem for you.