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Procrastination Has Paid Off with The Universal Gobag

The Universal Gobag

Ranger Surplus has done all of the planning and production of The Universal Gobag to save you time and money while providing you peace of mind in a disaster.

Our achieved goal was to produce "The Universal Gobag"... The premium gobag, bug out bag, SHTF bag available on the market today.

Since 1979, Ranger Surplus has operated 9 different Army Navy Surplus store locations in Maryland and Virginia. When it comes to gearing up folks for the great outdoors or to put boots on the ground, we know what we're doing and what you'll need.

The Universal Gobag is insurance that you can touch, and use, while giving you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for emergencies.

Fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, riots, power outages—there'll be no need to fumble around when time is running out. Grab this gobag and go!

"Universal" because our bag serves 2 purposes—not only does it provide the necessary gobag basics of food, water, and shelter, but it is also a platform for recreational camping and backpacking. You won't have to wait for an emergency to utilize this bag, as it serves a double- duty.

Fills the void that other gobags do not with 58 essential survival items—a basic prepper tool bag.

Out of the box, our Universal Gobag weighs only 26 lbs, still allowing your add-ons while remaining light and maneuverable.

When designing the Universal Gobag, room was left to add necessary personal items . Once customized, fill the canteen and position your gobag in your home, office, vehicle, cabin, boat, plane, RV—wherever it makes the most sense for your perceived need.

Unfortunately, it's not a matter of "if" but of "when" you'll be reaching for your Universal Gobag. It may save your life if you've got to get out of Dodge in a hurry... Your survival essentials are within reach allowing you to remain self-reliant. 3-7 day bags don't cut it—how do you know how long an emergency will last? With our gobag and some basic woodcraft, you could easily disappear into the woods for weeks or months. With the Universal Gobag, you'll never be a refugee.

The Universal Gobag was 42 years in the making. For your own sake and that of your loved ones, don't put off this important purchase any longer.

Items individually purchased would cost over twelve hundred dollars. With Ranger Surplus, you'll now SAVE OVER $500.00!

Contact us on our Facebook page to order. Local pickup in Gaithersburg, MD available and encouraged. Shipping to continental US only at this time.

$699.00 $1,209.45