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Our Downsizing...

Our Downsizing...


In January, 2018, we closed our Frederick, MD location, and as of March 2018, we have also closed our Vienna, VA store as well. It was decided after weighing the pros, cons, and current challenges of the brick and mortar world, that we could be better by not dividing our attentions, and to focus on one incredible store along with this website. We now have our best merchandise in our best location with our best staff to serve you Ultimately, we're still striving to be our best, and to make your shopping experience the most unique that it can be. Our Rockville store is literally bulging with pertinent merchandise that is on sale to make room for more. Please stop by to see what we've done, what we're offering on sale, and to just reacquaint yourself to "THE" Ranger Surplus. Even though we've been doing this since 1979, today we start fresh and inspired. Thanks to all who have supported us these many years—we'll miss our Frederick and Vienna customers, but we're hopeful and look forward to serving them and the many others at our one and only kick-ass Rockville location, and here in cyberspace.

Again, thank you all for your patronage.

Cap'n Happy

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