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In an emergency – You need the Basics


So let’s deal with food in this episode.  If/when power is lost; can you hold out for a week? a month?  How dependant are you on a grocery store being open in a black out?

Preppers, Mormons, and just plain folks know the value of putting that issue to rest by keeping a well stocked emergency pantry at all times, for all reasons.  Hungry masses do drastic things, and you don’t want to be a part of that.  Never be a refugee!!  The simplest solution is the MRE – which stands for Meals Ready to Eat.  These are made for our soldiers in the military and they’re chocked full of calories, vitamins, and can last for 10 years when properly stored. We sell them by the case (12 meals to a case) or we sell them by the individual meal, and as the name suggests they are ready to eat right out of the pouch.  Hikers, campers and hunters can throw a meal or two into a backpack and eliminate the worry, and you should have at least 3 cases of MRE'S per person in your household neatly tucked away in your home so that you don’t put all of your eggs into the power company’s basket.

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