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Made in China? Don't Blame Us...

Made in China? Don't Blame Us...


It seems as though some of our Yelp reviewers are surprised that we stock certain military spec items that are manufactured in China. Why, and how did this happen? There are two big factors—one, back in the Ronald Reagan years of the early 1980's, corporations were financially "rewarded" and benefitted from moving their manufacturing to what they referred to as "off shore". Domestic textile manufacturing never really came back after that. The second reason is that after 911, any remaining genuine U.S. military surplus got shredded by our government so that it would not fall into the hands of terrorists. Brilliant. Because there is still a big demand for military spec gear, it has been replicated to fill that void. Since the U.S. no longer manufactures these items domestically, it's being made where everything seems to be China. It all functions the same, it's just made there. So, until this country starts opening up textile mills again, this is the best we can do. We still strive to always find and stock the real deal military surplus when and if it's available, but when we can't, don't blame us—we're just trying to supply the demand at affordable prices.

I hope this helped, Cap'n Happy

photo “America (Made in China)” by Zak Greant is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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