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 Mechanical Fisher Yo Yo  Automatic Fishing Reel can help you catch the big one when you're out on the lake. It is multipurpose, so you can also use it as a snare, a drop line for fishing and more. You can even take full advantage of this fishing accessory by stretching it out to put up an instant clothesline and dry your wet clothes after a long day on the water. This lightweight reel is compact and easy to transport, so you can keep it handy. You'll appreciate it's strength and durability. This 9' Yo Yo automatic fishing reel is constructed with a 60 lb braided nylon line and a sturdy stainless steel spring, so it will be ready and able to perform when you need it. You'll want it along on your next fishing or camping trip. Put the strong and reliable Mechanical Fisher Yo Yo Automatic Fishing Reel in your tackle box so you'll be prepared.

Mechanical Fisher Yo Yo Automatic Fishing Reel

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