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Ranger Surplus has been providing your safety, security, & recreational needs since 1979. Come in & let our experts guide you to the right gear at the right prices…always.

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Ranger Surplus is the last remaining Army-Navy store chain in the area, with recession proof prices everyday.

Military Surplus * Camping Gear * Luggage * Sweats * MREs * Airsoft * Workwear * Security * Knives * Survival * Hats * Jeans * 24/7s * Footwear * Sweats * Camo * Duffles * Tees * Nightsticks * Gifts * Pepper Spray * Customized Dog Tags * Thermals * Peacoats * Tarps * First Aid ...and Much More!

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Rockville, MD 301‑424‑1125

Tysons Corner, VA 703‑917‑0711

Latest News:

Jul 19 2016 09:55am

FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG!!! This week’s FLASH BANG--- The Norwegian Waterproof Grenade Box. Why do you need a Norwegian Waterproof Grenade Box? Because it can: Carry 12 cans of your favorite beverage with ice. Organize all your nuts, bolts, screws, nails and gewgaws. (and who doesn’t need better gewgaw organization theses days) Be the world’s coolest desk caddie. Transport your Hummel Figurine collection. Transport your action figure collection. Store at least 12 of your favorite T-shirts for several years in a place where your significant other won’t go looking for them. SCRAPBOOKING!!!! Don’t pass these up, we may never be able to get them again. Measures approximately 17’’ long, 12 ½’’ wide, and 7 ½’’ high. Price valid until July 25, 2016 or while supplies last.

Jul 12 2016 10:44am

FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG!!! This week’s FLASH BANG--- The Italian Military 15 Liter (or Litre) Insulated Food Container. Need to take hot coffee to that early morning soccer game? Want to bring a whole lot of spaghetti to the family reunion picnic? Did you ever want to just carry around large quantities of macaroni salad and keep it cool? Have we got the container for you! The Italian Military 15 Liter (or Litre) Insulated Food Container! It will keep your food hot or cold for hours. Made of sturdy aluminum with metal latches, a rubber gasket and leather backpack style shoulder straps, makes this container functional and fashionable. How much is 15 Liters (or 15 Litres), you ask? 63.4 cups of coffee .425 bushels of spaghetti 15.85 quarts of macaroni salad 915.35 cubic inches of Jello 3.96 gallons of wine 31.7 pints of beer 507.210341 US fluid ounces of Bug Juice (Kids, ask your parents) Price valid until July 18, 2016 or while supplies last.

Jul 05 2016 12:05pm

FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG FLASH BANG!!! This week’s FLASH BANG---.30 CALIBER AMMO BOX Back by popular demand! The .30 caliber ammo box is probably the most versatile ammo box on the market. Small enough to fit just about anywhere, strong enough to stand up the harshest situations and they are almost completely airtight and waterproof. Great for camera equipment, small electronics, tools, and even ammunition. (No, it doesn’t have to be .30 caliber. No one is going to check) At this price they won’t last long so pick some up while you still can! Price valid until July 12, 2016 or while supplies last.

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